Tree Replacement

This project came to us from a previous customer. The back story is that the property owner above had topped two trees to better the view. As it turns out, the two trees belonged to our customer and he didn’t give permission to top the trees. The challenge was to place two 8,000 lb 25’ ft tall trees up on to the hill side about 300’ ft.

Several ideas were tossed around form a large enough crane to reach the site, but cost and access to the site would not accommodate such a large crane. We looked into using a helicopter but the cost and the safety factor were too high. We were not able to use any equipment to carry the trees due to how steep the terrain was. We choose to go with structural scaffolding and roll the trees into the hillside. But that only got the trees part of the way because we had to jack them up about 8’ ft and continue rolling them into the hillside. We also had to move one of the trees sideways approximately 30’ ft, and stand them up without the use of any power equipment. The project from start to finish took about six days.

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