Sculpted Wood Carving

Robbins and Company was contracted with the arduous task of moving a 2,300 lb sculpted wood carving from Orcas Island to downtown Seattle for C.C. Filson Co. There were many hours of very careful planning, preparation, logistics and coordination for this installation to be successful. The logistics for the operation became constrained, when we received the final OK for the move and installation with less than 7 days to go.

When we were chosen to do the project on a Saturday, it had to be installed that Thursday. We met with Filson again on a Monday and sent drawings for brackets for engineering. By Tuesday, received engineer approval and ordered the steel for fabricating the brackets. On Wednesday, we drove to Orcas Island to load the 18.5 foot sculpture. Then on Thursday, we loaded all the rigging equipment, assembled the crew and mobilized to the site for installation of the giant structure.

aleph gillett lowresIt took four months for artist and wood sculptor, Aleph Geddis, to design and carve this one-of-a-kind piece of art for the Filson flagship retail store in Seattle. Utilizing hand-made tools and an unique style formed through an appreciation of North West Coast Native Art and travels around the world, Aleph, with the help of his carving team, has created a 18.5 foot testament to the wild spirit of the Northwest.

Aleph Geddis, Artist and Wood Sculptor
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