Camp Waskowitz

We were called onto this project due to an emergency situation. Camp Waskowitz, located in North Bend, WA had a 300,000 gallon tank that was pouring water from the base through a hole about the size of a softball. The camp was located just below the tank, and Interstate 90 was only 85 feet away. So if the tank were to burst, it would have spelled disaster.

Tank was feeding the drinking water system as well as the fire hydrants water supply. Prior to fixing the tank, two separate systems needed to be built, so that drinking water and fire suppressions for the hydrant water could be pumped through a pump house. And while beginning the project, we used three 10,000 gallon tanks to hold water during construction.

The camp wanted to keep exterior of tank, which was made of red cedar wood, so the best solution was to pour a 24 inch concrete pad, and shotcrete the walls 12 inches thick. Approximately half the roof had to be ripped off and replaced. Also, While installing the drinking water system also installed conduit and vaults for future high voltage and data systems.

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